Whether your goal is to become independent of the grid, grid tie, supply emergency power or simply reduce your electric bill; West Virginia Solar is available to ensure you get a system that will power your needs!

Product Spotlight


Wind Turbines


 The Wind Power in West Virginia is

 some of the strongest in the nation.

 Wind Energy or wind in West Virginia

 can power your home if you have a

 good wind site! Utilizing a small wind

 generator can be not only easy but

 fun and profitable. Wind Turbines

 can produce some or all of your

 power needs to reduce your electric

 bill or even power several homes.

 You can pump water, charge

 batteries, turn your meter

 backwards, net meter, get credit on

 your electric bill, provide remote

 home power.

 Wind generators can be used in

 hybrid systems using solar power

 and wind power together. We have

 simplified systems that grid tie to

 send green energy back to the grid.

 Green power reduces carbon

 footprint on the planet.

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Where there is sun, wind or water; there is free electricity!


We promise to give you our best service, integrity, product innovation and technical expertise, through our wide network of professionals from our distributors to your doorstep!



West Virginia Solar -

Your source for Alternative Energy Products covering solar, wind and micro hydro-electric systems. Whether your goal is to become independent of electric bills, supply back-up power for lighting, computer systems or heat, West Virginia Solar provides state of the art technology with the best customer service we can offer!



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Serious Lighting Systems with 3 to 7 day backup! Security lighting for Serious concerns!


If you or your company is looking for serious lighting systems that provides security for personnel or equipment, we can assist you with a lighting system that will outperform any solar lighting system on the market! This is the lighting system that provides Tom Ridges' security lighting! Lighting for Military, Airports, Parking, private concerns! Contact us for accurate specifications! True color renditioning like no other system on the market today! Wv Solar provides the best of lighting solutions utilizing HID, Luxeon LED and Outdoor Flourescent.


Solar Water Pumping - Anywhere there is sun or wind, systems that supply water reliably!

Whatever your needs may be, West Virginia Solar can supply a system that will dependably pump water utilizing solar power, wind power or a combination of both. Utilizing the most advanced technology available, these systems produce from hundreds to thousands of gallons a day. Typical applications are water for livestock, irrigation, remote home or village water supplies. West Virginia Solar can help you with your design aspects. Normally drop shipped for quick supply to your doorstep! If you need solar in West Virginia, Solar in Maryland, wind power in West Virginia or alternative energy products, WV Solar is the place to come to for the best products and professional design of your new alternative energy system.




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